Revelation for better Life

The Alna Holding AG is a joint stock holding company in the field of health care.

Since its founding in 2010 as the parent group company over the subsidiaries of the corporation, founded in 2004, we focus on the health needs of the people and take responsibility.

There are people who make the success of Alna Holding AG. Together we live and strive for a culture of caring. This setting also connects the individual colleagues of Alna group: to improve the well-being and health of people worldwide.

To meet this requirement, we invest continuously and consciously with our best values ​​in the innovation and research for the conservation of the most precious good of man: for the health.

Revelation for better life is the ambitious motto of our parent company and promotes our entire group of companies. Moving forward, when it comes to many innovative ideas and solutions in the health, prevent mitigate or even completely heal the suffering of living beings.

With innovative orientations in biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals we provide medically effective and high quality products for better quality in health care.



Medical Science